Waste to design 2 – from paper to wood – Newspaper Wood

Up-cycling is about taking a surplus material and turning it into something that is more valuable and used in different context. Here the designer Miek Meijer and design studio Vij5 worked on developing a new material that resembles wood out of discarded newsletters.


The Newspaper Wood presents a new process and way of thinking, where the traditional production process is wood to paper…in this case it’s the other way around!

The wood-like material is created by rolling and gluing newspaper - with solvents and plasticizers free glue to allow it to be easily re-cycled back into paper in the future.

The newspaper logs then can be treated just as wood – cutting, sanding etc. - revealing layers of paper that resemble the natural wood lines and grains. The designers produced a range of furniture, lamps and even jewelry prototypes.