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DIY blackboard - Home decor, Dubai. UAE.

For all my fellow decor and crafts lovers who enjoy working with their hands, here is a new DIY (Do It Yourself) project to create customized hanging blackboard. The article will walk you through the steps of creating a blackboard, and show you where to get the required materials in Dubai, UAE.

On the left: Hanging blackboard with a customized decorative wooden panel.

Required materials:

- MDF board 10mm,

- Blackboard spray paint

- Rope

- Angle wooden frame

- Wooden panel

- Customized printed text (Optional - you can write/paint what you want on the wooden panels)

- screws

- Required tools: drill and screw driver.

The step:

1) Start by cutting the MDF board, the angle frame, and the wooden panel to the required sizes. These materials can be found in Ace hardware - Dubai Festival city, and they can cut the wood to your desired sizes, just make sure to go with the required dimensions ready with you.

2) Spray the MDF board with 2 to 3 coats of the blackboard spray - read and follow the instruction on the bottle to get the best results.

3) While the blackboard spray is drying, start preparing the wooden side board. Drill screws holes in the wooden angle frame, then attached the wooden panels to the frame using screws to hold them in place.

4) To decorate the wooden side board with a customized text, you can either:

- hand write or paint on it using acrylic paint, or

- print it directly on wood through the ink ironing transfer (see ink iron transfer technique in our Iron Transfer blog), or

- Create what you want on an A4 size paper and go Toil and Tinker printing shop in The Courtyard, Al Quoz, Dubai to print it for like the image below...

Paint over the empty letter space with acrylic paint. After the paint dries peel off the paper.

5) After the blackboard paint dries start assembling the side frames - left and right sides.Then join the blackboard and the side wooden board by attaching the upper and lower frames.

6) To be able to hang the black board you can simply cut a rope to the desired length and create knots at both its ends, then use small and thin screws to fix the knots into the upper frame of the blackboard...and voila you made your self a little note blackboard ;)

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