khashab's Tray a Raffle Prize at the Downtown Design Week

So proud that our Tray was the raffle prize by nordichomeworx, hacker kitchens, and mieleuae in the downtowndesignd. So make sure to stop by stand D02.

A big thank you nordichomeworx for your continuous support.

Nordichomeworx "We love design with a story and a good ethos. We are proud to announce that UAE-based has developed a beautiful unique tray table using reclaimed Kährs wood flooring, in addition to salvaged pinewood from old pallets that were once used to transport Kährs wood flooring from Sweden to Dubai. The tray table is part of's Sea Shades Collection, which combines Islamic geometric art with inspiration from nature, such as sea colours; from the deep blues to the turquoise to the sandy tones of beige and brown".

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