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khashab means wood in Arabic, and for us, khashab represents the story and history of which simple natural materials can tell through time.

We create products that narrate boundless stories, and we love telling these stories through geometry, colour, and natural textures … The fusion of shape & colour creates intrigue & curiosity within our imagination, allowing each one of us to draw on a personal interpretation and connection to the design. 
We make home accessories beautiful and meaningful in equal measure.


Abstract storytelling
Our inspiration is drawn from the beauty of the middle-eastern and Islamic patterns. This abstract art focuses on portraying the meaning and essence of things, rather than their physical depiction. We endeavour to replicate this form of art, through illustrating ideas and what they represent, the emotions it conveys, rather than conveying actual real presence.

Functional and natural
We ought to design functional products that complement our customers’ spaces and serve their daily lives’ activities. We make each product with attention to detail, using quality natural materials that are made to last.

Every now and then, and whenever we can, we try to extend the life-cycle of old discarded wood, by giving birth to new products using it. The endless possibilities and the ability to see the beauty in what is supposed to be old or scrap; envisioning it's potential, embracing its imperfections and creating something beautiful and functional out of it is what gets our motor running!


by Miaser Alhabori Designer

& Founder

The idea sparked in late 2013, with my growing passion for developing sustainable products. Then came along an interest in up-cycling and obsession with rustic aged wood! So, I started designing and up-cycling furniture items for my home, simply, as a DIY hobby!

Took some pictures online and with the growing interest on social media, things took a different turn! What began as a hobby evolved into a business idea In early 2015.

Since then, I have been developing the product range and branched out into using different types of raw wood and natural fabrics... with more exciting materials to come in the near future too! 

My background and experience in architecture design enabled me to turn product ideas into detailed sketches and build them from scratch. Over the years I've spent an extensive time experimenting with different designs, sourcing materials and began developing my unique style inspired from the middle-eastern art with a modern twist, creating items that are functional and aesthetically pleasing, using only natural materials whenever possible.

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What our clients say about us...

We are so thrilled with our new display shelves, thank you.


Stevi Loma

 The Camel Soap factory