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We design little and not so little things to fill your space with 

light-hearted subtle pops of colour!

For those who want to create a chilled and effortlessly unique home!

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We create products that narrate boundless stories, and we love telling these stories through geometry, colour, and texture … The fusion of shape & colour creates intrigue & curiosity within our imagination, allowing each one of us to draw on a personal interpretation and connection to the design. 
To make home accessories beautiful and meaningful in equal measure.

Our take on design

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Accent Cushions


Our inspiration

Abstract storytelling - Our inspiration is drawn from the beauty of the middle-eastern and Islamic patterns. This abstract art focuses on portraying the meaning and essence of things, rather than their physical depiction. We endeavour to replicate this form of art, through illustrating ideas and what they represent, the emotions it conveys, rather than conveying actual real presence.

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Tote Bags